Zion Preschool Uniform Requirements

All clothes must meet safety requirements to help ensure safe play.

Zion Preschool has a sun safe policy, which requires that children wear clothing with sleeves, (no singlet tops or dresses), and a hat that is broad brimmed or legionnaires style.

If children are not wearing sun safe clothing, then their outdoor play will be restricted. Our policy is also if NO HAT than VERANDAH PLAY, which is applied all year round, regardless of the weather.

The preschool does have a uniform (see picture). It’s NOT compulsory to wear the uniform, BUT it certainly makes it easier for parents and begins to develop a sense of belonging to the preschool family.

As part of ensuring that the children in our care are safe when they play on the equipment, we stipulate that children wear enclosed shoes (not thongs). Crocs and sandals with a back strap are fine.

We also discourage children from wearing jewellery, as it can be easily caught on things.  For similar reasons we ask for hats with no strings.

Uniform Pricing

Our uniform is reasonably priced and we do have second hand items from time to time. Parents inform us that the uniform washes well.

Uniform Costs:

Short Sleeved Shirt $25.00
Long Sleeved Shirt $30.00
Polar Fleece Jumper $35.00
Hats $20 (part of start of year fee)

Most uniform is in stock.
Second hand uniforms are also available from time to time.   
T-Shirts & L/S Polo tops are embroidered with the preschool logo.

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