Welcome to our CHURCH!

Did you know a Church is not the just a building but the very special people inside it?

In week 4 the kindy children visited the Zion Lutheran Church (building) to take a look inside. Each child took part in a treasure huntsearching for items. We talked about the meaning behind some of the objects including a Bible, Jesus cross and candles.

Some children shared their understandings and experiences from home and Church.

This week we celebrated our first Worship Service and it was lovely to see families there. Our Church service is a time to reflect on what we have been learning, read the Bible, discover and grow more in the presence of Jesus and talk to God through songs and prayers.

Most terms we will gather in the middle and end of term for a service and we look forward to the next one where we celebrate Easter!

For our first service children sang Jesus loves me this I know”. Some children shared their own prayer and Jo lead us in a blessing for the teachers and Children.

Rosalie told the story of the Jesus in the temple, children helped to act out Jesus, Mary, Joseph.

Check out the YouTube -Jesus at 12.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j2vH6h8JR4k

At the end, each child was surprised, with their very own Bible for them to read at home. Is this really for me to keep!?Children kept saying. As we continue to explore many aspects of the Bible and particularly the life of Jesus we encourage families to share some stories from the Bible at home. Its a great time of learning and the children will often come home recalling what they learned or asking lots of questions. Easter is approaching and its a special time for our Christian community. We welcome families to come chat to staff if you have any questions or special moments to share with us.

Families are very welcome to visit the Zion Lutheran Church and below is their website link for more information on services and their faith community.

Interested in visiting Zion Lutheran Church? https://gawlerzion.com

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